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Current Quarter

Biology (BIBC) 102 Hampton, Randolph Y.
Code: BIBC102  
RN01 - Lecture Slides 1-10 $21.42

Biology (BIPN) 105 Armour, Jon Christopher
Code: BIPN105  
RC01 - Lab Manual $11.00
RN02 - Course Materials $5.31

Biology (BIEB) 121 Henter, Heather J.
Code: BIEB121  
RC01 - Lab Manual $23.36

Biology (BIMM) 171A Pogliano, Joseph
Code: BIMM171A  
RC01 - Lab Manual $43.02

Chemistry and Biochemistry 4 Hoeger, Carl
Code: CHEM004  
RN02 - Experiment #2 $0.94
RN03 - Experiment #3 $1.12
RN04 - Experiment #4 $1.44
RN05 - Experiment #5 $1.26

Communication 106I Medeiros, Benjamin
Code: COMM106I  
RC01 - Course Reader $10.87

Communication 109N Hallin, Daniel C
Code: COMM109N  
RC01 - Course Reader $29.60

Economics 171 Newhouse, Herbert S
Code: ECON171  
RC01 - Course Materials $17.76

Electrical & Computer Engineering 153 Lugannani, Robert
Code: ECE153  
EB01 - Old Exams and Solutions $12.45

Linguistics (LIGM) 1D Riebeling, Elke
Code: LIGM001D  
RC01 - Student Reader $8.61

Literature (LTSP) 2A Pita, Beatrice M
Code: LTSP002A  
RC01 - Student Reader $15.65

Literature (LTSP) 2B Pita, Beatrice M
Code: LTSP002B  
RC01 - Student Reader $20.99

Literature (LTSP) 2C Pita, Beatrice M
Code: LTSP002C  
RC01 - Student Reader $20.30

Literature (LTSP) 2D Pita, Beatrice M
Code: LTSP002D  
HB01 - Student Reader $32.75

Literature (LTSP) 50A Pita, Beatrice M
Code: LTSP050A  
RC01 - Student Reader $43.00

Mathematics 181B Xu, Ronghui
Code: MATH181B  
RC01 - Ch. 10 Exercise questions $7.54

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 150 Friend, James Robert
Code: MAE150  
RN01 - Student Reader $19.74

NanoEngineering (NANO) 102 Tao, Andrea Rae
Code: NANO102  
RC01 - Course Reader $51.50

Physics 2CL Meill, Alexander Warren
Code: PHYS002CL  
RN01 - Lab Manual $9.48

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