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Current Quarter

Biology (BILD) 2 Schroeder, Julian I
Code: BILD002  
EB01 - Prob Sets & exams w/solutions $2.28

Biology (BIPN) 105 Armour, Jon Christopher
Code: BIPN105  
RC01 - Lab Manual $10.50
RN02 - Course Materials $4.60

Communication (COGR) 201M Hallin, Daniel C
Code: COGR201M  
RC01 - Course Reader $54.10

Economics 117 Machina, Mark Joseph
Code: ECON117  
RC01 - Course Reader $48.70

Economics 171 Chambers, Christopher P.
Code: ECON171  
RC01 - Course Reader $14.22

Electrical & Computer Engineering 45 Lugannani, Robert
Code: ECE045  
EB01 - Old exams w/solutions $11.70

Electrical & Computer Engineering 136L Lau, Silvanus S
Code: ECE136L  
RC01 - Lab Manual $21.95

History (HINE) 103 Goodblatt, David
Code: HINE103  
RC01 - Course Reader $22.35

Literature (LTSP) 2A Pita, Beatrice M
Code: LTSP002A  
RC01 - Student Reader $15.14

Literature (LTSP) 2B Pita, Beatrice M
Code: LTSP002B  
RC01 - Student Reader $20.32

Literature (LTSP) 2C Pita, Beatrice M
Code: LTSP002C  
RC01 - Student Reader $19.36

Literature (LTSP) 2D Pita, Beatrice M
Code: LTSP002D  
RC01 - Student Reader $24.30

Literature (LTSP) 2E Pita, Beatrice M
Code: LTSP002E  
RC02 - Student Reader $23.14
RN01 - Caminando 4 $16.50

Literature (LTSP) 50B Pita, Beatrice M
Code: LTSP050B  
RC01 - Student Reader $29.45

Literature (LTWL) 120 Potts, Stephen
Code: LTWL120  
RC01 - Course Reader $21.95

Making of the Modern World 12 Cohen, Richard S.
Code: MMW012  
RC01 - Course Reader $71.39

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 150 Talke, Frank E
Code: MAE150  
RN01 - Course Reader $20.98

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MDE) 260B Delson, Nathan Joseph
Code: MDE260B  
RC01 - Reading $7.20

Physics 1C Burgasser, Adam Jonathan
Code: PHYS001C  
RN01 - Worksheets $5.88

Visual Arts 112 Welchman, John C.
Code: VIS112  
RC01 - Course Reader $60.00

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