Soft Reserves FAQ

A.S. Soft Reserves Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does A.S. Soft Reserves do?

We sell supplementary materials for classes provided by professors, including course readers and articles, practice exams and homework, exam and quiz solutions.

Where is A.S. Soft Reserves?

We are located in Student Center A across from the Food Co-Op, near the vending machines.

Can you get A.S. lecture notes at Soft Reserves

Soft Reserves and Lecture Notes are two separate businesses but if you have already paid for your notes and are just picking up a week's set, we will try to help you. If you need to purchase lecture notes, please visit the A.S. Lecture Notes service window.

What types of payment do you accept

We accept Cash, Checks (with a valid photo ID REQUIRED), Triton Plus, American Express, VISA, Mastercard and Discover Card. We accept Debit cards that have a VISA logo on them (i.e. check cards).

Why do I need a photo ID when I pay by check

This is standard procedure for most businesses. We do this in order to verify that it is your check and not a stolen or a third party check (like a friends or your parents). We require that the person whose name is on it to be at our office in person. Without an ID we WILL NOT, under any circumstances, take your check.

What information do you need if I am going to pay by check

Please make checks out the UC REGENTS and include your LOCAL address and telephone number and you PID # (these start with A0…) and have your photo ID ready when you get to the window.

Can I use a credit card? Charge card? ATM?

Yes. Yes. No, sorry, no ATM cards accepted.

What are Soft Reserves' hours?

During the school year we are open from 9a-6p Monday-Thursday, 9a-5p Friday and 10a-2p Saturday (but, only the 1st few Saturdays of each quarter). Our Finals week hours differ to 10a-5p Sat-Sat but we are ALWAYS closed on Sunday!!! Our summer hours vary so please check the signs at our office for times. We try to open during zero week of Fall quarter…but we usually only have staffing for a few hours on that Wednesday.

What is the policy for returns and refunds

The last day to return materials (the materials must be in perfect condition…we need to be able to sell it to someone else…would you want to buy a reader with highlighting and covers torn and that’s falling apart?) is the Friday of second week (it’s also the end of the ADD period). You must have your receipt as well.

How long does it take for more materials to come back in if they get sold out?

Materials under 100 pages take one business day to get back in, and over 100 pages take 2 days. However materials must be sent to the printer by 3pm, otherwise it counts as the next business day and will take a little longer.

When do professors and TA's turn in materials for their classes

We do not know if or when we are going to have materials for classes until they are brought into our office. Unfortunately we cannot read your professors' minds…but we're working on it. If you want to know if we are going to carry material for your class please ask you TA or professor.

What is the procedure for turning in materials (copyrighted and non-copyrighted)?

To get started, you can bring materials in during our business hours (see above). There is a door to our office to the left of the business/service windows, come on in and we will have you sign a form, ask a few questions and answer any questions you might have for us. If you are unable to get to our office, materials can be mailed (mail code 0325), picked up by one of our employees (just call x46256), faxed (x48934) or e-mailed (

How long does it take for newly submitted material to be ready to sell to students?

Depending on the size of the material and the time it is brought into our office, it can take anywhere from one business day for something under 100 pages to 2 days for materials over 100 pages. This time is based on the assumption that materials are received before 2:30 pm, materials received after will take an additional business day.

What information about class material do I need to tell the cashier at the window?

We need to know your course subject, course number, your professor's name, and the materials you need. (ex: Biology 110 with Jones, problem set number 2). If you want to really impress us, check the current list for the materials specific code: HS02.

What are archives?

They are materials from the last year that some professors have kept on file to provide additional resources for your aid.

What happens to materials at the end of the quarter?

Some material gets thrown out and others get kept on file for a year, all depending on the professor's request.

Why isn't the material ordered up to enrollment? (OR) How come materials kept getting sold out?

We do not order up to enrollment because we do not always sell everything we order, and in order to ensure we do not get stuck with extra material at the end of the quarter, we order as we see the demand. For example, if a professor had a course reader in F'04 for BIO100 and submitted a similar reader for F'05 BIO100 we will check how many we sold of the F'04 reader as an indicator of F'05 sales and order accordingly. We can always order more copies; we can't return unsold copies.

What is the difference between Soft Reserves and the other guys (a.k.a. Cal Copies and University Readers)?

Cal Copies and University Readers are both off-campus vendors that we have no affiliation with. Professors have a choice of where they get their readers made.

Why are the readers so expensive?

Since readers consist of copyrighted books, journals, newspaper articles, etc, we must pay the publishers a fee for reprinting the material and also pay to have the reader printed. Over the years the publisher fees have gotten increasingly higher, however we will never charge you more than $ .17 per page.

Why do I find out what materials is available at A.S. Soft Reserves

You can either call us or check our current list of materials received that is updated daily--copies are located on the ledge in front of our windows. Also, check our daily arrivals board located to the left of our windows. This lists all materials arriving that day. There is a key to help you to understand the different codes and symbols, and materials are checked off when they have arrived. Also in the bottom right hand corner of the board will be a list off all materials that we have run out of and have reordered already. If it's not on the current list or the arrivals board, we don't have it (i.e. the professor/T.A. has not given us any materials).

If my professor informs the class that the material is already at A.S. Soft Reserves and I find out that the material is not, what should I do?

First ask to confirm if it has been submitted. If it has, we will have the date that it will be available, and be patient (for example, if we tell you it will be available on Wednesday don't come back Tuesday and get mad if it's not here yet). Also you should inform your professor in case it is a problem with his assignments.

How do I find out if my professor will put materials on Soft Reserves?

As we mentioned above, we do not know if your professor is going to have materials here until she brings them into our office. The best way to find out would be to ask them. Again, we are not telepathic, but we will keep trying.

How do I use the current list and arrivals board?

The current list is a list of the classes that we have materials for in alphabetical (by department) order. Simply look for your class number and professor and locate the code for the material you would like to get. The arrivals board is a list of materials we are going to receive that day. Once the material has come in it will be checked off. Every night the newly arrived materials are added to the current list.

What if my test or quiz is today or tomorrow and you are out of the material?

If it is the day of your test we can either make a copy here (if it is small) or we can try to rush it to the printers and get it back the same day. We actually want to get you your materials ASAP…really!!